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What is thermal conductive silicone grease? What should you pay attention to when buying?

2021-09-25 02:26:53

What is thermal conductive silicone grease? What should you pay attention to when buying?

What is thermal grease?

Thermal conductive silicone grease, commonly known as heat dissipation paste, is a thermal conductive silicone lipid compound made of high temperature resistant and excellent thermal conductivity materials with silica gel as the main raw material. It is suitable for heat conduction of electronic components such as power amplifiers, transistors, electron tubes, and CPUs. And heat dissipation, so as to ensure the stability of electrical performance of electronic instruments and meters.

Matters needing attention when choosing heat transfer oil.

In practice, due to differences in production processes and product use environments, there are certain differences in the performance requirements of thermally conductive silicone grease. How to choose thermally conductive silicone grease for your own products, Schneider believes that the following aspects need to be focused on.


1. Fineness: Whether the micro-fineness of thermal grease is superior, it can be identified through many ways, such as uniform colloid, bright chroma, simple operation, and no surface phenomena such as coarse mineral particles. Therefore, choose the appearance index of thermal grease And operability is a key step in judging the quality of silicone grease. If the thermal conductivity of silicone grease is not uniform, partly thin, partly thick or difficult to operate uniformly, these two aspects will reduce heat dissipation. Therefore, the fineness of thermally conductive silicone grease is very important. .

2. Oil separation: It is a kind of silicone oil that indicates the precipitation of thermal silicone grease at a certain temperature, and it is an index to measure the stability of thermal silicone grease. Many users find that some thermal grease has been used for a period of time, and a layer of grease appears on it, indicating that these thermal greases are relatively poor in storage stability. If special processes are not used for stirring and dispersing, their heat dissipation performance will be better. The operability will be reduced. Therefore, the storage stability of thermal grease can be tested for the amount of oil, and the test method can be consulted with professional manufacturers.

3. Heat resistance: It refers to the thermal conductive silicone grease can still maintain its good performance under the condition of heating, so that the service life is longer. Everyone knows that products that can generally use thermally conductive silicone grease have a higher application environment temperature. High, the application environment of thermal grease will be more durable.


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