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How to choose notebook thermal grease? What are the characteristics?

2021-09-25 02:25:35

How to choose notebook thermal grease? What are the characteristics?

In order to improve the heat dissipation performance of the notebook and prolong the reliability and service life of the notebook, consumers will fill the thermal grease between the CPU and the heat sink of the notebook. But with so many brands and types of thermal grease on the market, how to choose a suitable notebook thermal grease?


As office supplies and entertainment products in people's daily life, notebooks play an important role in people's work, study and entertainment. In order to ensure that the notebook has good heat dissipation, some better quality should be used on the notebook. Thermally conductive silicone grease with high thermal conductivity.

1. Good thermal grease has a trusted brand. A reliable brand can guarantee the quality of the product. It is the identity card of the product. It can not only focus on the research of thermal grease, but also provide customized thermal grease application solutions.

2. Good thermal grease has a good feel. When applying thermal grease, consumers can feel whether the paste of thermal grease is more conducive to the application: some thermal grease is easy to have uneven texture when applied, and it is not easy to apply smoothly; but the quality is better The thermal conductive silicone grease will feel easy to use when applying, and can quickly smooth the coating layer. This is also a way to judge whether the thermal grease has good quality.

3. Consumers should not blindly follow the trend when buying thermal grease, because the configuration of the notebook is different, and the requirements for thermal grease are also different. Therefore, when choosing thermal grease on the notebook, choose the one that suits you. Can.


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