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The basic situation of two-component silicone thermal conductive gel.

2021-09-25 02:24:18

Professional thermal gel, thermal grease manufacturer. The basic situation of two-component silicone thermal conductive gel.

The two-component thermal gel can be cured at room temperature or heated by heating. There are no by-products in the curing reaction. After curing, it is resistant to environmental pollution. It avoids moisture, impact, vibration and other effects; it has a wide range of high temperature resistance and can grow in harsh environments. Work over time, maintain mechanical properties and insulation stability, and have the advantages of thermally conductive silicone grease and thermally conductive silicone grease. Through the basic introduction of thermal gel, this article supplements the deficiencies of these two methods.


Applicable characteristics

1. Good plasticity, which can satisfy the filling of concave-convex interface;

2. High-efficiency thermal conductivity. Low-pressure shrinkage application;

3. High electrical insulation, excellent high temperature resistance and new energy. It can realize automatic use and other properties;

4. It is soft and has good surface affinity, and can be compressed to a very low thickness, thereby greatly improving the heat transfer efficiency;

5. The thermal gel has very low hardness, or even no hardness, and will not cause internal stress to the equipment after use;

6. It can be directly weighed and used, and can realize fixed-point quantitative control;

Standard application.

1. It can be used for PC, PP, ABS, PVC and other metal materials and surface treatment;

2. Widely used in digital electronics, instrumentation, home appliances, electrical engineering, automotive electronics and other industries;

3. Suitable for mobile phones, micro batteries, power modules, smart water meters, smart electricity meters, TV screens, IGBG semiconductors, etc.;

Watch out.

1. The rubber material should be sealed and stored in a dry environment at room temperature, and the mixed rubber should be used up as soon as possible to avoid waste;

2. This product is non-dangerous, but it must not be in or in the eye;

3. The product is non-toxic, physiologically inert, does not irritate the skin, and does not hurt the skin. The product does not contain flammable ingredients.

4. The following substances may hinder the curing of this product or appear uncured, so it is recommended to perform simple tests to confirm before batch use, and clean the application part if necessary, such as incompletely cured condensed silicone glue. Amine curing Type epoxy resin. White wax solder joints or rosin solder joints.


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