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Explain the service life of thermal grease.

2021-09-25 02:08:54

Explain the service life of thermal grease.

Thermal conductive silicone grease is widely used in the thermal conduction and heat dissipation of electronic original devices to ensure the stable operation of electronic products. However, the electronic products can work stably for a long time during the design stage, and it depends on whether the thermal grease can perform its heat dissipation function for a long time. Therefore, many users propose to replace the thermal grease to make the product work normally. Today, the editor will explain the relevant knowledge of thermal grease for everyone.


The application life of thermally conductive silicone grease depends on the performance and quality of the product itself and the use environment. First of all, from the perspective of its own quality, thermally conductive silicone grease with the same thermal conductivity may not have a significant difference in the heat dissipation effect at the initial use, but with the use of time Extend, the thermal conductive silicone grease is more likely to leak oil, and the heat conduction will not return. Therefore, for products with poor oil separation rate, it is necessary to replace the thermal conductive silicone grease regularly in a short time. The easy-permeable thermal grease may need to be replaced in a short time, which greatly increases Labor and cost, thermal grease with excellent performance will not necessarily dry out even after 5 years, and it can also maintain good thermal conductivity.

From the perspective of the use environment again, in the process of using thermal grease, it is necessary to ensure that the electronic products dissipate normally, then the dust on the surface of the component must be removed before the thermal grease is used, and the oil dirt will be cleaned, otherwise it will cause the thermal grease pollution , The service life will definitely decrease; in addition, when the thermal grease is exposed to long-term humidity, some models of products will deteriorate. Due to the influence of the heat conduction effect, the electronic products will fail prematurely, so the service life of the thermal grease will function normally. The environment needs to consider prevention in advance.

In the process of use, thermal conductive silicone grease generally does not need to be replaced as long as there is no dry cracking or cracking. With low oil separation (almost zero), high and low temperature resistance, water resistance, weathering resistance, long time in the environment of -50~200 ℃, Schneiss thermal grease has stable performance.


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